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We live in a complex and highly competitive society that can have serious impact on our psychological well-being. Children and adults of all ages can experience difficulties in various areas throughout their lifespan related to family, school or other social contexts.

With the right kind of psychological attention and support, we are firm believers in one's potential to achieve a better and healthier life where growth and adaptation play leading roles. Professional assistance can help to strengthen our innate ability to live life to the fullest of our potential.

Our aim at The Laliberte Center is to provide tailored care on a case by case basis. By encouraging a sense of reflection, awareness and mindfulness, we believe individuals can create new trails towards life paths characterised by better psychological health and balance.

We also place a special focus on children and early development. Children between the ages of 0-12 are in a pivotal developmental stage. Sometimes, professional intervention can help to 'kick-start' a child's development and help them to live up to their true potential. We believe that children with learning or developmental problems should receive early intervention support and assistance. This will enable them to grow into harmonious and adaptable individuals who are equipped with the skills to overcome adversity and set-backs.

Many of our treatments are also deeply entrenched in our belief in the benefits of meditation. Recent studies have provided strong scientific evidence that the practice of meditation can play a key role in preventing difficulties.

However, we always ensure to adapt and structure our treatments according to the needs and desires of the individual or group.


  • We can learn skills to enable various healthy life paths
  • We are all able to reach our full potential by creating our own trails
  • Daily exercise is an essential part of cognitive well-being
  • Meditation can strengthen a person's psychological health and physical balance